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Hi, this is Shire! Welcome back to my room♪

The English edition of 【ELB-7 : Reincarnation/Dimensional operation, part 1】was just posted on the New Beth’s Blog! It covers the subject of “reincarnation” entirely which should be pretty interesting to check out. I was really interested in how the people who visited/stayed in Japan became “Jomonean” – the people acquire the characteristic of Jomon-jin naturally no matter where your origin/race belongs to. It should be really fun to find out some different ideas about reincarnation!

While I was working on this translation project, I’ve noticed that many English phrases I felt comfortable to use were somehow labeled as “old English.” Old? How come it could even happen?! In this physical world, I am a Japanese native and have been in the US for more than 20 years so that my English should be 120% “modern” American-English (at least that’s what I thought of speaking).

However, I started noticing that many idiomatic phrases I’ve been feeling comfortable to use for the translation were used more often in Britain/England and/or said “old English” in a couple of dictionaries. For example, “I held the flower in my hand like as if I was lost my mind.” — you know, the phrase “like as” is an old English which I thought it was just a regular phrase.

As I wrote this entry before, I was taking an English speaking class in Shamballa which I did practice Queen’s English while my physical body was sleeping. In fact, my colleagues at work (in the physical world) pointed out that I have a slight British accent with some specific words. All right, there are some visible & interesting changes here. However, I could not figure out where my “old English” expressions were coming from.

Then, I was told that people in Shamballa do speak/write in rather old English (Their former official language, German was also used the older expressions as well). I didn’t notice it at all since I usually do initiate a conversation via telepathy (not using my physical mouth). However, I can no longer deny the strong influence of Shamballa by such a rather undeceivable way.

Of course, I (in the physical world) get really confused, but at the same time, I am really curious to look into myself (including my own brain, lol!) even more!


さて、本家『新ベスのブログ』でようやく💦【ELB-7:生まれ変わり/次元操作、part 1】の英訳版が発表されました。これまでの英訳版もそうですが、実は英訳の時に日本語オリジナルでの少々分かり難かった内容の補足や修正、書き換えをしている箇所がチラホラあります。今回は、『縄文人と縄文系の違い』がちょっと目玉wアイテムです。この英訳の為にわざわざ『Jomonean=縄文系』という造語まで作ってw説明を入れました。興味ある方は、英訳版のQ&Aセクションの半ばくらいに出てくる説明を読んでみて下さい。





英訳でのチェック、Vol. 1

英訳でのチェック、Vol. 2







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