Selective about my room☆部屋のこだわり

Hi, this is Shire. Thanks again for coming to my room♪

I totally became into “imagining my room as realistic as possible” when I started accessing my room (in my mind). Well, for me, the room does no longer exist in my mind but somewhere else as a real thing except my physical eyes cannot recognize. I believe many of such friends who love imagination feel almost the same way.

Anyways, I made (imagined) each furniture thoroughly like the material, color, hard/softness, size, etc, etc… it was like you were renovating your room from scratch. I checked some websites featuring interior designs, furnitures, floor plans which I still really love to check out in these days. I realized such interior and/or landscape designs would give me a lot of inspirations.

Then, I started noticing my favorite styles, colors, materials, fabrics… it is really funny, strange and yet amazing how much I didn’t really know myself.

This rather a simple thing “building own room” started revealing myself from a different direction.

A really good thing about this step is that you can re-build the room if you really like to change it with no cost (except your own energy, lol). You can feel free to make mistakes and start over again with a different idea (You have to retain the same imaginary room at least a few weeks though). As much as you focus on a tiny detail, you will find out your own hidden personality in the physical world.

If you start the process with creating a room, you can imagine rooms/houses like a cottage in some advertising papers between the newspaper, your old house where you used to live, etc. If you already have one (in your mind) for a long time, that’s fine with it. You can start from there.

However, you should NOT change the room/house everytime you imagine it.

Bed time is good to do this everyday. You can fall a sleep right after that.

Please do not change it anyways.

– from How to access Shamballa













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