Who are you?☆あなたは誰?

Hi, this is Shire. I’m happy to see you here in my room again!

So, how’s the room in your mind? Did you enjoy checking out the nice & comfortable chair? Oh, you could have a nice sofa-set too. That was what I was actually doing a lot in the beginning.

I just wanted to be relaxed and feel really comfortable (better than a meditation, lol) so that I prepared a really cozy sofa in my room. Well, my first room (in my mind = Shamballa) was exactly same as my real room (1-BR apartment) so that it was really easy to replace/arrange any furniture, clothes, wall papers and so on. It actually trained real myself to overlook the floor plan and  think any ideas for interior design which really became handy when my friends wanted some opinions from me regarding interior ideas in this physical world.

Anyways, I started feeling someone else besides me in my room probably a few weeks later. You know, you can tell “that feeling” which your body definitely senses “someone” is there even if you are alone by yourself. Even though I’ve never seen any ghost before, I could sometimes feel such a sensation before.

If you can actually describe what/how you are imagining the “person” in your room,  then asking to a Shamballa staff becomes pretty handy via this question form. There are many participants have been asking such questions including myself.

Of course, many of you won’t believe the answer (from Shamballa through the channeller, Elizabeth) at first; however, you will soon start encountering so many undeniable signs both in your dream and the physical world.

So, who is the person you have been recognizing “the presence” in your room…?







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