I was Flying before☆昔は飛べたのに

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you enjoy your weekend (and the new look on my blog, lol)!

First thing I wanted to try in Shamballa was…. yes, “flying.” Since I was a child in the physical dimension, I have always believed that I should be able to fly (well, I still believe it). I had tried so many times like jumping out of some high places as many of you might have done so.

— from I used to practice…

That was one of my really early memories like 2 or 3 years old. I still remember how I was wondering about this issue which was , to me at that time, a really serious and incomprehensible. 

You know the feeling “Body knows how to do this” when you become totally good at some physical movements such as dance, some sports, playing music and so on. I have a good enough skill to play some musical instruments as well so that I totally know the feeling.

That’s why I can tell you now that I totally had “the feeling” when I was 2 or 3 years old which “My body remembers that I can fly!” … in reality, of course I couldn’t. I was really confused and wondered why. Why can’t I?! Why can’t my body do the thing I know of?! Why is my body so heavy?! What’s wrong with me….?

That became my own unsolved feeling & mystery for a long time until I started consciously accessing Shamballa.



— 当ブログ記事 I used to practice… より(英語オンリー)








良かったら読んでみて下さい♬ (←今見たら、懐かしい特区時代のやらかし💥ですね~w)

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