Hi, this is Shire. Hopefully you are getting familiar with this bilingual (-ish, lol) blog writing. I have been really enjoying anyways 🙂

So, imagination. I did talk about a chair & room in your mind which you can build by your imagination.  Have you tried to do it? or you might be wondering why you would need to do it.

Here is the 5 reasons/benefits from stretching your imagination (source: 5 Reasons You Should Let Your Mind Wonder by Huffpost)

  1.   It’s a different kind of intellect — daydreamers use their smarts in a way that goes beyond a multiple-choice test to encompass the ability to achieve goals.
  2.  It’s important for a child’s development — imagination is not only crucial to children’s’ cognitive development, it also plays a role in their understanding of reality later on. There’s also key evidence that shows children’s imaginative sides allow them to take someone else’s perspective.
  3.  It has the potential to enhance your memory — self-imagination (or imagining something from a personal perspective) can be an effective way to recall specific information on command.
  4.  It may make you more empathetic — When we’re able to picture something that we haven’t experienced ourselves, it may be easier to understand what someone else is going through.
  5.  It could be a portal to self-discovery — individuals who have realized their full potential and purpose usually do it through their ability to imagine those possibilities first.

Kudos for all 5 points, and I actually do realize now that my life has been with my imagination, aka life in Shamballa without recognizing.

Well, my story can be introduced next time, but you now see the benefits to use & stretch your imagination!

Power of imagination is a physics.

— by Gilles Lambert at 【ELB-6:Spiritual energy, part 2】Enjoy Life Basic☆



ここで、想像力を伸ばす、鍛えることで得られる5つの効能について、挙げてみます(引用元: 5 Reasons You Should Let Your Mind Wonder by ハフポスト米国版)←この記事を丸っと和訳したいところですが、面倒なので気になる方はウェブ翻訳などで読んでみて下さい♪

  1.  想像力というのは、違った意味での知性である(知性の応用編) — 夢見がちな人は、目標(質問)に対して回答例がA、B、C、の選択肢しかないテストを超えたところにある(一見奇抜な)アイデアを、目標達成への手段に出来る知性を持つ
  2.  想像力は、子供の成長に欠かせない要素 — 昔から子供達には、想像力を養うことが思考・認知能力を高め、後に現実世界での自分の立ち位置を確認するためにも大切とされてきたが、近年そういった子供達の想像力が「相手の見方を理解し、立場(気持ち)を思いやる」ことにも繋がることが証明されている
  3.  想像力は、記憶力を高める可能性を持つ — 個人的な想像(または、自分の個人的な解釈で何かを想像すること)は、自分の中に埋もれていた特定の情報(記憶)を自由に引き出すためのツールとして効果があると言われている
  4. 想像力は、共感力をも高めてくれる — 自分では経験したことのない事や状況を想像出来るというのは、他の人がその状況にある時の気持ちを理解し易い(=共感できる)、ということでもある
  5.  想像力とは、自己発見、気づきへの入り口となる — 自分の可能性や生きる目的(天命)を知りえる人は、通常まず最初にそれらを想像することで可能性を広げ、高めていく




— by Gilles Lambert at 【ELB-6:霊エネルギー、part 2】Enjoy Life Basic☆

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