Image training☆イメトレ

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you have been having fun to read this blog so far 🙂

If you ever tried a mental imagery training before, you could really feel the similarity when you try to access Shamballa, i.e. creating a room in your mind.

As you repeat a same image, vividness and metacognition of the imagery definitely gain which you can sometimes develop not only mental vision but also mental hearing, feeling, and so on.

For example, my sense of taste in Shamballa is far superior to others so that I can satisfy even my physical body when I eat something in Shamballa (of course, it does not provide any calorie to my physical body so that I still need a real food to sustain it though… oh, it’s good to prevent the overweight! yay to Shamballa diet!).

For those of you who always complain of your poor imagination, I suggest to lookup a collection of images and pick your favorite one. As for the room, you can start with a nice, comfortable chair… you can find so so so many nice chairs and sofas from a search engine.

All you need is just one, sweet chair and trying to sit on it… how do you feel?

Let’s enjoy and stretch your imagination♬







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