Room in Shamballa☆シャンバラ部屋

Hi, this is Shire. welcome (back) to my blog!

Yes, you have to create your room.


In your mind. Imagination & fantasy are good enough. That (room) is going to become your contact tool (like a phone) to access Shamballa.

If it’s too difficult to create the entire room, you can start with just a chair and a desk.

— from How to access Shamballa?

I first started reading “Beth’s blog,” I had never imagined I would access to Shamballa. I was just an ordinary blog reader who was not so much into spiritual-type of things but more doubtful & skeptical about what was written there.

However, the blog slowly reminded me what/how I have been doing since I was a little child… yes, I was (am) always living with my imaginary world. My mind was always going to my favorite adventures and wonderous worlds, and I was living such places as a different person.

…wait a minute! Does this blog actually know what I have been doing?!

Anyways, in my case, “the room” was already there when I asked them (staff members in Shamballa) for the confirmation. I think people who have checked out this blog and/or “Beth’s blog” somehow either already have one there or are ready to have one there. People who have no interest probably never even encounter this blog either.

So, just imagine your private space in your mind.

It should be your safety zone and the place you feel really comfortable. You can just create one nice really cozy chair there to start with.

Let’s see how goes…

[The contents above & below are supposed to be same, but the expression & phrasing are slightly different. 英語版と日本語版の内容は全く同じですが、書き方や表現に若干?違いがありますことをご了承下さい。]






— シャンバラの入り方より








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