Welcome to my room☆私のお部屋へようこそ

[Updated on December 26th, 2020]

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room♪

This blog (room) is mainly my diary with the thoughts & ideas of our inner spiritual world. Spiritual world? You may think that’s an occult or a fake or a fantasy world (which is useless and people should not even think about!)… well, that’s fine and you can just close this page and go back to your busy physical life.

My physical life has dramatically changed since I started accessing Shamballa and learning & applying the ideas into my physical life. I now have a stable & fun job, a really nice place to live, a great health without any medication or even supplement, really supportive friends & people in both Shamballa and the Physical world. I’ve never thought of myself reaching this state of mind before.   

They, people in Shamballa always tell us at very first, “DO NOT BELIEVE. KEEP QUESTIONING” – This applies to everything we see, we hear and we experience including whatever “God” says and of course, they (Shamballa people) say.

What is Shamballa? I briefly explain at this “About” page, and you can read this post as well.

Some of their words & ideas were translated into English from the original Japanese blog “New Beth’s blog” which the channeller “Beth” had been hearing from them. I don’t have such an extraordinary skill, but I sometimes do write my “imaginary talk” with my adviser & friends in Shamballa.

I may repeat some topics I have already written here previously in order to re-introduce, refresh & update my ideas to you, readers. Please bear with me. I am really thankful to those of you have been following this blog!

Let’s enjoy this new chapter♫


[Updated on May 10th, 2020]

I’ve started “Talk session” (currently Japanese only)☆


[Updated on November 4th, 2019]

I’ve started “Magic Circle Treatment” – what’s all about? Please take a look at this page and let me know if you would like to participate the magical experience☆


[The contents above & below are supposed to be same, but the expression & phrasing are slightly different. 英語版と日本語版の内容は全く同じですが、書き方や表現に若干?違いがありますことをご了承下さい。]

















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