Flowers of the month (February, 2018)

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you will start feeling a bit of Spring breath. I have been thinking about putting my 2 blogs (this and a Japanese blog) together. Of course, some of you who don’t read in Japanese may not be happy with it, but I am doing the bilingual ways in Twitter and it seems fine. I have been following many non-English twitter accounts and the machine translation does OK enough job for me to understand what it says 🙂

That’s just talking myself, so, let’s start my monthly flower arrangement♫


February, 2018 〜 Main color: Red ; Birth stone: Amethyst〜 

This month, February is probably really obvious for the theme color… yes, it’s color red! Well, I have done too much Valentine’s rose🌹 stuff (lol), so I go with more Japanese style in this time. Oh, of course, I do use the purple color flower which represents “Amethyst” – the birth stone of February.

[All photos are copied & slightly edited from my Pinterest board]

【Flowers】Camellia, Red plum blossom branches, Anemone

I’ve picked 2 kinds of camellias for this arrangement: a Japanese original called “Yabu-tsubaki (camellia Japonica)” and “Elizabeth Hawkins.”


As you see, Yabu-tsubaki (left) has the authentic Japanese atmosphere which looks neat and has the unique elegance. It is pretty common camellia in Japan which you should be able to see everywhere there at this time of the year. Elizabeth Hawkins is one of the mixed breeds based on a Japanese camellia which creates almost a rose-ish feature. I treat this EH as rose for the arrangement while Yabu-tsubaki has its own world on the side (please see the example below).


As for the birthstone flower, I use the poplar purple anemone. This can be the center flower by itself, but I would rather use a little smaller, cute ones to match with EH camellia.


You see? how cute it is♡ This purple anemone has been really popular among people who are planning to have a wedding event such as a wedding bouquet, a center piece arrangement, and so on.

As for the background… well, it’s not right to say, actually this is another center “red” flower of the month, red plum blossom branches.


Normally, they are more like pink~dark pink color; however I choose to use the darker pink to vermillion. They are usually arranged before start blooming since the flowers are really delicate, but I really love to use fully blooming ones which of course, is possible in Shamballa♫ The below image is the display example. I actually use the similar vase (more straight one) as well:


The combination between camellia and plum branches is almost like this:


The size is about the same as what I’ve arranged at Shamballa School. Yabu-tsubaki definitely has stretched, long branches. And you can (probably) imagine the entire arrangement with my drawing hopefully 🙂


As you see, the EH camellia and purple anemone are almost same size flowers which are supposed to create rose like gorgeousness with elegance. The branches of Yabu-tsubaki are definitely way more dense and longer than the drawing. Hopefully those photo images & the drawing will help you to stretch your imagination!

Please visit the imaginary school in Shamballa so that you will be able to see & smell the beautiful flowers💖

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