Seeing guardian spirits

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you stay warm & cozy without any difficulties.

The online (Slack) seminar I have introduced before, Enjoy Life Basic has been giving me a lot of new ideas (and the ideas I have forgotten for a long time). The subject “Spiritual energy” is definitely one of them!

【ELB-6:Spiritual energy, part 1】Enjoy Life Basic☆

【ELB-6:Spiritual energy, part 2】Enjoy Life Basic☆ 

In this subject, there is an experiment which we all try to see “guardian spirits.” You should read the seminar at first to understand who they are and what they do so that you can understand why we usually only see other people’s guardian spirits, not our own (Although, I did try once and somehow it was successful, hee-hee!).

What great about seeing them is that we usually get a very good & useful message from them (to the person we are trying to see his/her guardian spirit). As you can imagine, what we see & hear might be our own delusions… that’s totally fine (as it’s written on the seminar).

When you encounter the occurrence which never overturn one day, you will finally be able to be convinced that you have been seeing the objective facts.

– from ELB-6: Spiritual energy, part 2

I have tried casually to see a guardian spirit of my old friend (in the physical world). He, of course didn’t know anything about it, and I did not expect to see anything “realistic” either. It was just a fun game… that was exactly what I thought about when I took ELB-6 on live.

Well, it was almost as same as I have been trying to access Shamballa which I just “imagine” and chase after what comes up in my mind.


Anyways, I did see/meet a beautiful, old lady and had a little conversation with her. She asked me to send the message to my friend which I had no idea what she was talking about (It was a sentence of cheering words but was nonsense to us). I did write it down and sent it to him a few days later. I said “I saw someone probably one of your late relatives in my dream, and she asked me to send you this message. ” I also added her description as well.

Soon later, he replied and said “How did you know the words I really needed?!”…. wow!!

…I guess I was hitting not too far from “bingo!”

The person who assigned the Kanji character “power (力)” for the word “Ku-sou-ryoku (空想力) – power of imagination” must have noticed the tremendous power.

Power of imagination is a physics.

– from ELB-6: Spiritual energy, part 2

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