Developing third eye – II

Hi, this is Shire! Thank you very much for reading my blog and following 🙂 I am not good at writing this on a daily basis, but I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts and activities both in Shamballa and the physical world.

So, as for training my third-eye, I often see the warnings like “Do not train your third-eye since you will see undesired things such as ghosts, bad spirits, scary delusions as you train and become too sensitive!” … you have seen this before, haven’t you?

I think it can be true by certain people. Yes, it really depends on the personality and how honest you are to “yourself.” If you are really true to yourself, in many cases, you won’t encounter crazy scary ghosts (which are the chunk of low-frequency electricity anyways) in front of you as soon as you train your third-eye. What ghosts make you realize as ghost is based on your condition, preconception and your own sense energy (you can refer this to ELB-3 and ELB-4 “Sense energy”).

Of course, you will be able to start seeing things other people cannot see which can be a “ghost-like” figure and/or phenomenon. This happens because you casually tune yourself (third-eye) into certain frequency like a radio/TV channel which the program is available only on the frequency (channel).

That’s why, again as I said above, your (mental/personality) condition is really important. If you are in really bad, negative condition, no wonder you should start seeing weird, scary, undesirable things/delusions. This is the logic everyone should be able to understand.

So, in my case, I have not tuned to the “ghost channel” yet, lol. I am not really interested in seeing those. Instead, I enjoy seeing the movement of Prana and the atmosphere.

I started looking at sky with sleepy/blurred eyes at first, then noticing some sparkling spots. The sparking lights become a sperm-like figure and flying in the atmosphere. When you see them, you are actually seeing them with your third-eye.

I actually have a little weak/sensitive physical eyes which myiodesopsia (floating specks) type of things can also be seen… yes, many people often claim this as “I am seeing Prana!” I also see dust stuff on the surface of my physical eyes too.

However, when I keep looking at sky with sleepy eyes, I eventually encounter the point where my eyes “switch” from physical eyes to third-eye which those dust/black spots get disappeared and the shinning spark things start filling the sky. At the same time, I can start seeing afterimage of surrounding objects (trees, buildings, cars, etc.). Atmosphere becomes a layered ocean-wave, and I sometimes see aura colors as well.

So, it has the definite difference between physical eyes and third-eye. The layered-atmosphere is pretty visible even when I am typing this now. Some people can see those things even with the physical eyes closed (I can’t yet).

I am not scared or afraid of the things I see with my third-eye. They make me wonder what they are, and I am excited to see different views of the world. I hope you will enjoy this small adventure as well 🙂

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