Flowers of the month (January, 2018)

Hi, this is Shire! I hope you all welcome this new year 2018🎉

Do you have any new year’s resolution? I have not particularly set any for a long time except my long time goal still continues… “Be myself.” It is tough one since there are so many things you should deal with in order to become who you really are. Well, I am hoping that I am so far at least a half way there 🙂

Anyways, my flower arrangement at Shamballa School continues on this year as well. Every month, I do come up with different ideas based on the theme which the year 2018 will be “the contrast between colors and birth stone.” I will arrange flowers per month by the theme color as well as birth stone inspired flowers. I hope it will be fun!


January, 2018 〜 Main color: White ; Birth stone: Garnet 〜 

[All photos are copied & slightly edited from my Pinterest board]

I choose the color white for the theme of this month which represents “refreshing, restarting, purifying” atmosphere. It’s nice to have the new & clean start, isn’t it? The white flowers I’ve picked for this are Casablanca Lily and White Carnation.

Casablanca Lilies tend to be a little too big, but I use various flower sizes including many buds so that they should not be too much (You can probably see 4~5 big flowers and mid-sized beautiful ones). Carnation is, as you all know, a birth flower as well so that I would like to feature in this arrangement. They are relatively big & flourishing and create the white contrast between Casablanca lilies.

These are the example images of lilies & carnations. White flowers themselves have the different shades which create deeper atmosphere.

Then, the birth stone of January = Garnet has the really deep red color which I have brought this dark red cymbidium (Dark Red Chinese Cymbidium) which is available in this time of the year 🙂 Some people use this for a wedding bouquet and a center piece as well. The words of this flower are including “Magnificence” and “Gorgeous Love.” It makes sense a lot, doesn’t it?

Besides these white & red contrast, I decided to add a few background support: dried branches (painted in white) and Litsea cubeba. Both support the arrangement especially Litsea cubeba is often used in Japanese Ikebana (They call it Aomoji) for New Year’s theme.

Oh, by the way, the vase I’ve picked for this arrangement is the following (as always, this is as tall as 20″):

Vase_Jan2018I really like the a little bit red-ish top and the frosty feature which brings us the winter scene 🙂

Since those cymbidium flowers bloom with the vertical line along with the stem, I’m going to show you this image for your reference how they are arranged. You can also see the size contrast between cymbidium and Casablanca lily (and carnations too!).


Finally, here is my (rather bad) drawing of the arrangement (sweating):


As you see, Casablanca lilies and carnations are the main flowers from the edge of vase to the middle, well actually they take way more space in the “real” arrangement at the school. There are at least 4 or 5 cymbidium stems in the middle and they are not so sticking out as I drew poorly.

Anyways, please visit the imaginary school in Shamballa so that you will be able to see & smell the beautiful flowers💖

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