Hi, this is Shire. I hope you all are having a good day so far. Some of you have a post-Christmas holidays, some of you may be working really hard, and some of you are still sleeping and traveling to Shamballa currently 🙂

My work in the physical world has been a long Winter-off time which is really awesome, but at the same time (as many of us have the similar problem, I hope), I have been pretty lazy with the time schedule… yes, going to bed really late and getting up pretty late. I still wake up after 4-5 hours of sleep, but my physical body really love to stay in bed extra a couple more hours. Oh well, I just let myself in Shamballa work hard, lol.

As I mentioned my previous post, I have been having a good time browsing & tweeting using Twitter. I try not to “build” my audience in this time so rapidly. Instead, I do swim around it with the flow. I have seen many beautiful photos of this Earth, people’s faces, cute animals, flowers, sky, etc., etc.

Then, I have noticed that many political, well, more like “anti-political” posts as well. The problems about the conflicts in the world, fears of wars, scary diseases, and nuclear issues in Japan and beyond. I didn’t mean to focus on those things at all. I am not so interested in politicians and their supporters/opponents screaming about their egos.

Of course, I would like to see what’s going on in this physical world not just a beautiful, rather fantasy side but also the realities… well, actually many of the “reality/truth” have been actually hidden from most of us though.

So, it is funny that such “hidden” information sometimes appears on my main feed in Twitter. It is usually buried between “loud” tweets, but it touches my sense somehow. When I dig a little more (like checking some links, related posts, and so on), I see the information I have been paying attention and/or worried a little for a while.

It is really interesting. I thought Twitter was a chunk of whatever people’s messages no matter how you would filter them. However, it actually works with your curiosity = frequency which those tweets actually match your (mental) condition.

We all do have the antennas. If we live pretty honestly to yourself, such internet information like SNS will even react to it. The world you belong to is truly your (frequency’s) reflection.

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