Tweeting again

Hi, This is Shire. I hope you all are doing great and please take a deep breath when you feel really really rushed and agitated and sad in this month, December the end of year 2017. You will be fine.

As some of you might have already noticed, I started tweeting again. Well, I actually did open another “new” account for myself in this time instead of using my old one I had used long time ago.

In this time, I basically quote words and phrases from “Beth’s Blog”, “Shamballa wiki” and this blog as well both in English and Japanese. It may be interesting to see how I can keep up with this fast-paced SNS tool 🙂

I used to use Twitter for my music promotion which I had worked really hard to keep posting something, following many many music industry people and checking out new opportunities. But then, I became really tired even looking at my own postings… yes, it became a big burden to me. I could not enjoy looking at so so many promotional tweets by other musicians and nonsense stories in the industry. The frequency was totally different from what I had and it made me feel really sick at one point.

I should not do anything I cannot enjoy… well, this applies to everyone, yes?

Now, I enjoy my everyday life, my job, my activities including writing this blog now. So, I am hoping that I will be able to pace myself well with Twitter so that I can open some new & exciting doors eventually.

Please feel free to check out my tweets at : @ShireMGC.

I am looking forward to seeing and sharing more things with you from Shamballa and beyond♪

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