Life mission

Hi, this is Shire! I hope you are having a nice weekend (despite of the busy holiday season)♪

When I see some spiritual blogs (including “Beth’s blog”), I often find the people (can be authors, guests and friends, etc.) who really feel they are “special” so that they have some “special mission(s)” ordered via…. ETs? God? something like that.

Yes, the elitism it is, lol.

Many of humans have been affected by this “disease” for a long long long time. I guess religion has been trying to conquer and let everyone feel “equal” … equally servants of extra-ordinary being/entity. At least, that has been one way to squash the human greed to control others.

On the other hand, the spirituality in these days (especially current trend in Japan) seems to make everyone try to be a special something which discriminates from other “ordinary” people by his/her psychic/spiritual abilities and the experiences.

“I can hear the voices from God/ETs,” “I remember my past lives,” “I can read your aura and talk to your guardian spirits” etc., etc… which EVERYONE on Earth can do as we learned at ELB (Enjoy Life Basic) — of course some of them are way more superior with such abilities than others. That’s their characteristics and can be a role/mission for them like some of us becoming Olympians and/or world-famous artists, politicians, and so on.

Yes, everyone on Earth came here with the life mission. Even no matter how you live, your soul tends to go in the direction (If you have been not doing well, seeing so many problems, you might have been against your life mission). Mission does not have to be such an “extra special” thing everyone should be amazed by you.

However, the mission is your soul path which “YOU” will be happy and feel really productive and satisfied with in your lifetime. It does not require either any elitism or approval desire.

Oh, the desire for approval? If you are doing what you really love and enjoy (= mission), you almost never feel such desire since you can tell you have been totally approved by your soul which is connected to Earth-Gaia.

So, those people who are appealing themselves, their extra-ordinary abilities and roles loudly are probably not satisfied with what they are actually doing. They have not found their life missions yet.

I really can’t tell my own life mission yet either (hee-hee), but I really enjoy what I am doing a lot. Well, I do not have such “extra-ordinary abilities” in the first place, LOL!!

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