Flowers of the month (December, 2017)

Hi, this is Shire. It’s December, 2017! The last month of this year (and my birth month in the physical world as well).

I have really enjoyed thinking and arranging flowers based on the “birth flowers.” It has been sometimes challenging because some of such flowers are actually not supposed to be blooming/available in the month. I was wondering a few times why those particular flowers have been assigned for the particular month. I guess they are based on some legends, past events, and the suitable feelings/energies particular flowers have for the particular months.

Anyways, let’s begin the arrangement of this month, December 2017 at Shamballa School.


[All images are searched and edited from my Pinterest board.]

The birth month flowers for December is Poinsettia (UK), Holly and Narcissus (US). They are all really popular and pretty flowers (poinsettia is more popular with the leaves though). Narcissus seems to be a flower of the spring season, but there are some varieties which start blooming in winter such as Japanese narcissus.


They are a little smaller flowers and really cute. I use them as the center of arrangement in this time. Narcissus often represents “Inviting spiring” which becomes “Hope.” This Japanese narcissus is pretty popular for the new year’s Ikebana arrangements in Japan which also the sign of welcoming new & refreshing year.

As you see, I used the flowers with relatively long stems (approx. 50~60cm/ 20~24″). They are all together and I slightly change the height (it looks like the image on the left above) which they create the three-dimensional view & space.

Along with the Narcissus, I added this Christmas atmosphere, Douglas fir/Oregon pine). I hope it works for you too 🙂


There are many different kinds of pines and/or firs for Christmas trees, and I particularly like to use this one. I actually didn’t even know there would be so many different kinds of trees for a “Christmas tree” until I started working on this arrangement, lol.

Anyways, besides the fir, I also use Christmas holly for this arrangement.


They are often used for a hedge of front yard/garden of a house as well as a Christmas wreath. Since they have the sharp, stinging leaves, they are supposed to protect our house and family from whatever evil & negative energies.

I arranged them like a skirt/collar of narcissus. You can imagine this cute berries with sharp leaves make the arrangement really tight. I think the combination of narcissus and this holly is more often seen in Japanese floral arrangements.

So, finally Poinsettia is here. This is probably the most common & famous December flower in the world.

Instead of gathering a bunch of plant flowers, I used the cut flowers in this time. I put a flexible, soft sponge sheet around narcissus (wrapped them up), and both poinsettia and holly were arranged. I used smaller size of leaves and various red & pink colors of poinsettia.

Here is (again) my drawing of the arrangement:


I used the large, silver flower vase (approx. 60cm/24″) which you all can often see around this time. The layer of Christmas holly actually is a little bit thinner than the drawing but it is definitely more sticking out freely 🙂 Poinsettias are also placed lively like dancing on the vase. The flowers are also as tall as 24″~25″ which is a fairly large arrangement which I think it is a standard size for a lobby flower.

I hope you can visit this imaginary school to see the arrangement♪

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