Biorhythm, Shamballa-rhythm

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are all doing great in the middle of a week. I actually feel pretty good and freshly healthy 🙂

I was wondering why I am feeling that good and fresh, and I’ve realized that we, Earthian students took a magic-circle class last Saturday and I did feel a strong light from the pentagram I had created in the physical world.

That pentagram is supposed to support our well-being which does work indeed! It is not a tool for some black-magic or dark rituals at all, hee-hee.

Anyways, my body has been reacting more sensitively to some sort of schedule in these days since… yes, last Saturday. For example, I did wake up before 5am this morning and I was not sleepy anymore (which was really, REALLY a rare case to me) and found out that I had to do some Shamballa-related works in this physical world. I slept only less that 4 hours last night, but I feel pretty well-rested and comfortable now.

I used to sleep almost too much even a nap time (at least a couple of hours… it’s no longer “a nap”) and I still felt tired all the time. Even nowadays, I still love to stay in my bed on weekends, but my body seems to know what to do and does not really let me be too lazy anymore.

Some of those “tasks” are Shamballa-related and my astral body does support my physical body which I can tell by the processing speed (yes, fast!). Even if my physical body was not so in a good shape, it would be really good in the end (of such tasks).

My physical body (& mind) are really connected to my astral body, I guess. Let’s see how my biorhythm in this physical world look like:


Hmmm, it’s interesting that as of today (11/29/17), my most conditions are lower-side and my physical just passed the peak. Well, that’s not really what “I” have been feeling. Of course, my physical body and mind should be affected by the planet; however my condition is really mostly affected by the astral world (Shamballa). This really tells me that your bodies (physical body, astral body, mental body, and so on) are becoming active with the biorhythm of your main (full-conscious) body. I thought my main body would be this physical body (since my consciousness level is pretty much stuck in the world), but as far as the biorhythm goes, myself in Shamballa seems to take the lead.

Interesting…. I would like to calculate the biorhythm in Shamballa if I have a better sense there 🙂

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