I see myself everywhere.

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are getting ready for this busy time of the year 🙂 Not just because of holidays, but also I’ve always been feeling really condensed time energies around November – December since I was a child (in the physical year). It is getting more so in these days since I’ve been feeling more comfortable with the time sense in Shamballa which is 4~5 times longer than the Earth in the physical world. It is funny to have several different times in me and somehow I can all manage them without having a traumatic jet lag, lol.

I enjoy reading several different blogs regarding some foods, life in overseas, journal of travelers and of course some spiritual/philosophical matters. They seem to be really random… that’s what I’ve been thinking for a while. But I just started realizing that pieces of phrases from those different blogs really remind me of myself… myself in the past mostly.

“Oh, this is what I used to think of XX!” “Well, I know that’s exactly I’ve been through.” “No, I had already experienced that problems before!” and so on.

I’m sure you all love to read your favorite blogs because you find them somehow resonating with your mind, sense, heart and feelings…yes? Those sentences or phrases are part of yourself, where you used to be, what you have been feeling for… “some of you” exist there.

I used to feel a little more ashamed of myself being who I was (I didn’t like my attitude, behavior and thought). Well, I guess I just enjoy finding such “old me” in those blogs. I would love to encourage those different “old me-s” in the blogs that everything will be just fine.

Yes, everything has been just more than fine, it has been awesome to me. And I now realize I cannot define “new me” anymore. I just can’t figure that out. My envelop has become larger and deeper so that I do get surprised what I am capable of doing in these days. My physical consciousness gets surprised in me and my body just does some hard tasks pretty smoothly and some brilliant ideas come up with my mind as well.

That’s probably a reason why I love reading those blogs. Instead of defining myself in the current condition, I’d rather gather pieces of my old familiarity.

I didn’t realize how far I used to be walking and dancing.

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