Hi, this is Shire. I hope you stay warm and nice without any sickness.

I am walking at a really beautiful rose garden in Shamballa right now (while my physical body is working, lol). Why do you think I can tell it is a rose? because I do smell the roses and I see them, well it is probably better to say “the image coming up with in my mind/brain screen” as I close my physical eyes.


This place is called “Rose Palace” which is really the suitable name for such a beautiful place! It’s currently the (nearly best) rose season (Spring) in Shamballa so that there are so many beautiful roses blooming here. It is funny that I can smell really fresh roses even in the physical world where there is NO flowers around me or the room I am working at currently 🙂


On this blog, you have seen roses so many times which you totally believe this is my all-time favorite flower, right? In fact, for a long time in this life (in the physical world), rose was one of my least favorite flowers! Somehow, I was not happy to like/love somewhat “feminine” type of things, flowers, colors, etc. I thought rose was one of the typical “girl flowers” and it made me feel like a woman flirting with men. I guess I didn’t like any sort of flattery especially those sexual ones since I grew up with a little more strict family.

Well, even as of now, I am not happy with any flattery including sexual ones from both men & women. However, I have been through many self-adventures both in the physical world and Shamballa (and can be the mental world too, hee-hee), I could open up my both masculine and feminine sides and came to realize that I love this flower, rose, a lot!

It does not matter how the flower has been represented. It does matter whether or not I love it. I do love it and I do love the smell, color and shape. The aroma of this flower really gives me a refreshing sensation and sweet relaxation. My skin has become smoother, my hair has become softer, oh, my menstruation has become much smoother and healthier.


I think you have to be really honest to yourself no matter what other people/media tell you what to do. Honest means you really listen to YOURSELF. What you really want, what you really love, what you really need….

You can definitely tell by your physical & mental conditions… how you have been doing. One of the reasons I really love living in the 2 worlds is probably to look for/reveal myself in the deeper level. I am thrilled to keep this journey.

Anyways, It is getting a little bit chilly outside now. I am going inside now… a cup of rose tea is waiting for me ♪

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