Flowers of the month (November, 2017)

Hi, this is Shire. It is November, 2017. This month usually makes me feel really getting ready for the end of year and yet gives me a good space between the Halloween extravaganza and Christmas/Year end craziness.

Hopefully (some of you may be extra busy for Thanksgiving preparation though) you all have a relaxing good time with your favorite people, pets and yourself 🙂


[All images are searched and edited from my Pinterest board.]

I would like to have clean yet flowery taste of the arrangement. November tends to be “between month (of October & December)” or “passing month,” but I would rather present the month as a refreshment and resetting & cleansing/purifying time.

Anyways, the birth flowers of this month are Chrysanthemum and Peony (US) which are both really noble and elegant. I used some vivid colored chrysanthemums last month, and I do use just clean white one for this month. The word of this white chrysanthemum is “truth” which I think it expresses the flower pretty well.

As you see the above images, they look a little similar to dahlia which have really nicely dense petals. You can also imagine the size by the arrangement & bouquet images above which they are not big, but a lot of them are used as the centerpiece of this arrangement.

So, peony… it is usually known as a Spring blooming flower. However, in Japan, there is special peony called “Winter Peonies” “Cold Peonies” which they make particular peony blooming around this time and during winter time.

They are protected by a “straw house” as you see above, and you can see some beautiful flowers in middle of cold winter time. Here is 2 images of such particular kind of peonies I use for my arrangement. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Besides these 2 birth flowers, I use “sacred bamboo” and “pampas grass” to add the color and certain seasonal atmosphere to the arrangement. Sacred bamboo almost looks like winter berries which are famous/popular red berries for Christmas arrangement. They are popular floral items for new year’s arrangements in Japan.

As you see, they have cute red fruits which are getting ready around this time on to winter time. They have the long branches which I can totally create a nice movement and space in my arrangement.

Then, pampas grass is another late fall favorite, yes? In this time, I searched this particular style of them since many common pampas in Western countries are too large and I do not need to make them too much noticeable. On the other hand, Japanese pampas looks too thin and creates a little bit loneliness atmosphere (my perception)… so, I did not use it either.

Here is the solution 🙂 I’ve found “in between” type of pampas.

The flower vase I used in this time is like this:

It is a real white birch covered vase which as you see, can be used as a centerpiece flowers at Wedding receptions. It is unique and gives you some natural atmosphere which I think it works for this arrangement. Oh, the actual vase I used is tall like 50~60cm (20~24″).

So, here is my little drawing of the arrangement… I am a little nervous to show my amateurism here though, I could not find any suitable existing image in this time:


The actual white chrysanthemums are even more of them are used and definitely taller. The pink winter peonies are placed on your right side which should be much bigger and flourish. The sacred bamboo is placed on the left side and the branches are definitely longer & expanded (smiling). The whole thing you should imagine much bigger scale, but the placement is what you see here.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the imaginary arrangement at the imaginary school♪

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