Guardian spirit

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you have had a nice weekend and upcoming Happy Halloween 🙂

Not really related to Halloween spirits though, I have tried to meet one of my guardian spirits the other day for a practice.

I have been taking a spiritual/magic class and this is a part of the subjects. Besides learning about guardian spirits, I have learned how to see people’s former lives, different types & layers of spirits, sense energy, dimensional operation and so on. Some of them are available for public as “Enjoy Life Basic.” It is pretty interesting and I feel it is realistically useful information in the physical world.

I am usually not so interested in checking out such things (you may be surprised, yes?). Even though I (my astral body) live in Shamballa where you can technically do a lot of things you can never imagine doing in the physical world, I still live as I believe normal as just like myself in the physical world. Yes, you are able to see dead people, guardian spirits, aliens, ghosts, higher-selves, unicorns and phoenix (smile) in Shamballa. But to me, it is just another country or a place I belong to and I do what I like to do as same as I do in the physical world.

Plus, I could never realize my own visible “psychic” ability before. I cannot see or hear things beyond my five senses react so that spirits and ghosts stuff are almost same as unicorns and mermaids to me.


Anyways, seeing spiritual guardians is pretty similar to access Shamballa which you can stretch your imagination. There is no concrete proof as we all know so that you can feel free to imagine who you see and what the person look like.

At my first attempt, I started seeing my advisor in Shamballa (who is a guardian too) and I asked him to bring someone else (laughing) in front of me. I kind was seeing a group of people behind him… I was not sure how many of them though.

Then, I saw a guy who looks like a Samurai in Japan (probably mid 17th or 18th Century looks). He was really good-looking, nice & quiet young man in mid-20s. I tried to describe how he looks, what he wears as well as where he lives and what his name.

It is just my imagination… it is just a crappy stuff…. that is what I was thinking a little bit while I have got really great advise from him.

Later, I (in the physical world) searched his name and living place in a search engine, and I was a little bit shocked… yes, I have found really similar name (a samurai, only one kanji character difference) in that place around that time!! OMG, did he really exist in this physical world?!

Usually, guardian spirits are someone related to you like your great grand father, great aunt, something like that. However, I do have no idea such samurai person in such particular place (no one I know of lives there currently either!).

In any case, he has given me a great word to keep in my mind. What I realized is that it does not matter whether or not he was “real,” but that simple word I have received was what I really needed. That is all the matter.

I think, that is the reason why people would like to connect the guardian spirits.

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