How to confirm what you imagine…

Hi, this is Shire. October has been passing really quickly and it is almost November already. Since I live in Shamballa time, things in the physical world move almost too quick (4x faster), and at the same time, I start wondering how dogs & cats feel their own lives 🙂

Anyways, I am sometimes asked the question how I can confirm things I have experienced in Shamballa. Yes, I was wondering that too before. I thought my imagination (delusion) is only MINE so that no one else can know what I have been thinking and doing in Shamballa.

However, if you have a friend who lives both worlds sometimes tells you what you have been doing in Shamballa which you thought that was just an imagination!


One day, you went to a cafe in Central Shamballa (in your imagination) and had a nice tea and cake. A few days later, one of your double-life friends (in the physical world) tells you “Hey, I saw you at the cafe in Shamballa the other day!” … what?! no way!

Some other day, I had an interview with a media personnel in Shamballa which I thought it was just a total imagination. In the physical world, I have taken several interviews before but I could not find any reason why I did in Shamballa. Then, a week later, one of my Shamballa friends (who also live in this physical world) told me she saw me on TV (TV type of visual media) in Shamballa! Whhhhaaaat?! really???

When some events like parties and festivals are held in Shamballa, several of us (who live both worlds) participate and exchange many information. Surprisingly, many of such information are common which means that we all see & hear the same things such as people’s costumes and the colors, foods they are having, someone taking a special action, and so on. It does not sound like we all sharing illusions together since the friend A tells me the exact color of my dress and the friend B tells me the same thing some time later at a different location. A & B have not been together either Shamballa or the physical world. It’s impossible to spread one small information like the color of my dress.

So, there are certain things undeniably “realistic” going on.

Of course, I still have a doubt in my mind anytime I access Shamballa. However, it is getting really hard not to believe what’s going on there when my imaginative (which I thought it was) activities have been proven by someone totally remote (like overseas) as well as my physical body reacts what I have been doing in Shamballa as well.

“The world” is really, truly a strange place 🙂

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