Strange day, part 2

Hi, this is Shire! Wow, it has been more than 10 days since I did write the part 1… what have I done?!

Well, it probably meant to write after 10 days so that I could see the changes and flows, I believe. That day was indeed strange after all.

So, my dental appointment had been rescheduled and I seemed to have a regular day in the physical world. I was planning to go to the city to meet my musician friend to have a session at that evening.


In the middle of afternoon, I started feeling a hesitation to go to the city. Well, I go there every week and it has been almost a part of my routine so that I didn’t understand why I was feeling such way. There was no reason to cancel it anyways, I started driving to the city.

It was a little bit sleepy ride in the middle of commuting traffic. I normally practice singing to keep myself wake and enjoy (I often sing in Shamballa as well), so, I started doing some voice training… hmmm, my stomach was feeling a little weird.

I sensed something a little more serious from my stomach. Well, I usually keep driving and reach the destination first, but I felt “I probably should go home instead of keep driving…” which I had never done before.

As the traffic was getting worse, my condition was getting really serious as well. I started sweating and trembling because of the stomachache. You all understand that situation, don’t you? Yep, who cares about the spiritual world?! I need to jump in a bathroom RIGHT NOW!!…. that kind of feeling, hahaha.

Anyways, I was really CLOSE, but I made back to my place 🙂 (Otherwise, I would secretly close this blog by now, lol)

As I suspected, my stomach issue was not just temporary, one time deal. I was staying the bath room for a while which I might have had some kind of food poisoning or something (I had no idea whether or not I had any bad food though). It was much bigger problem than I imagined.

I had not had such a “major” stomach issue for a long time, so it made me a little concern what that was.

Well, 10 days later, I am doing fine and even feeling better than before. However, there have had a few dramatic incidents around my neighborhood & surroundings since then. As I think back, that day was a sort of “turning point” I somehow sensed in such an unpleasant way.

It was really a strange day, but at the same time, signs has become a little more obvious that before. It is pretty safe to go with the flow.

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