Strange day, part 1

Hi, this is Shire. Hopefully you all have a great weekend!

So, I had a little bit strange (weird) day yesterday in the physical world. First of all, I was supposed to have a dental appointment for cleaning my teeth which I made it 6 month ago. My teeth are pretty strong and the mouth condition has been really great so that I have seen only my hygienist (of course my doctor checked me up too though) every 6 months for probably 4, 5 years at least.

Yet, I really do not like dentist which my ears and body are too sensitive to be comfortable with their machines, instruments and tools. So, I was a little bit nervous yesterday from the beginning. Somehow, I did not want to go there… my consciousness would never admit this though.

That really showed on my work calendar (A shared calendar with all my colleagues). As I said, my dental appointment was already made 6 month ago which I had more than enough time to make the note on the calendar.

However, I did not write it down at all which had never happened before. I was surprised myself and talked to my boss to leave work early for my dentist appointment. I also talked to a few other people to maker sure they could be my back-up just in case. I was saying to them, “It’s strange how come I did not let you all know about my dentist appointment in advance. I am sorry to give you such a short notice.”

My subconsciousness did not want to go there….? hmmmmm.

Then, shortly after I started working at my desk, I’ve got a phone call from my dentist.

Shire: “Hi, good morning!”

Dentist: “Well, I’m calling regarding your appointment today…”

Shire: “Yes, yes, I am ready for it.”

Dentist: “Well, actually… your hygienist had a traffic accident this morning.”

Shire: “….. really?! OMG!! Is she OK?”

Dentist: “Yes, she was fine. But we have to re-schedule your appointment.”

Shire: “That’s totally fine as long as she is fine!”

So, I made another appointment next month. Well, did my subconsciousness actually know about this??

Anyways, I went back to all my colleagues and said, “Well, never mind. My appointment was not happening. Let’s just have a regular day.”

In any case, I am really glad that my hygienist was not seriously injured.

Then, strange things did not end here yet… there was another story coming up in the same day.

[continue to part 2]

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