Battle against Gene

This is a question regarding the gene of fight/battle implanted into humans on the Earth.

“Killing for a fight/battle is not the element that the soul of human originally had in the system.”

“In our soul, there is the absolute order: Do not kill human, and we all are supposed to know the soul will be hurt if we commit to such a thing. However, people dare to do the things hurting their souls in reality which I assume some sort of gene – like an instinct to drive us to fight constantly – should be implanted.”

(from the book)

Human body is maintained via genetic orders.

【Difference between Gene and DNA】
The difference between Gene (information) and DNA (recording medium)
I have seen the following notions from another book which I think it is not particularly saying about the “gene of fight/battle” though:

  • Turned on the human DNA of jealousy.
  • Jealousy created fight/battle. The cause of jealousy is fear.

Subconsciousness has already been coming to the surface around 1900s. However most of us have not yet reached deep layer from the emotional stage (shallow-layer astral body).

Does this mean because the gene of fight has been interfering our emotions?

That is correct, but don’t you think these organs such as adrenal gland, thyroid gland and lymph take on some different aspects than other internal organs?

These are the results of the implanted genes.
These are the things metamorphose to the cells to attack themselves if you don’t fight.

Emotion is also a part of this which the gene has always been implanted in order for humans not to develop mentally.

The only way to disarm/cancel all these implanted gene is the awakening of the mental body.

You may get confused about this subject since it had been entangled so many ways; however please realize it is important to recognize this in order to understand the subject.

In our souls, there is the absolute order: Do not kill human

Subconsciousness never allow us to commit such an action (= killing people), right?
There used to have wars which were occurred by some justifications and convenient reasons (false accusation in many cases). However, I assume there will be more people start thinking “that is strange.”

When you have mentioned the following notion about the time of bubble economy in Japan:

Did you have a fun time during the bubble economy (early 80s’ in Japan)?
Why do you think those people who had a luxury life during that time fell out and got ruined one after another?
Because of the bubble economy being burst?
No, because it was not fun at all.
We have analyzed that they did crash it by themselves.

by “Subconsciousness and history (The page written in Japanese)” (2014-07-23 17:42:17 )

I thought the crash of bubble economy was really fast. That is why I also think one day the war will be crashed by itself.

What do you think about this?
(Of course it should only happen with the result of our own efforts to connect subconsciousness and raise the mentality though.)

Thank you very much for your time.

Crashing the war
It is really a good phrase, isn’t it?

I wish it would happen, but it could be just an idealistic thought unless you come up with some ideas to deal with the people who have been making money with it (war).

Japanese people have a good image of making money without war even their own land once became a burnt field (after WWII). However those people who have been fighting in three generations (self, father and grand father) do not have any vision.

In case they have 6 months (which is the time takes to release the mind-control) without war, they should be able to establish a vision. All they need is to live a peaceful town for 6 months.

A trend gets developed when 1/10 of people start wearing the same clothes.
This means that the collective mind-control is possible without making everyone live in a peaceful town.

The road gets wider as you come up with ideas.
That is the mission of yours, isn’t it?

Thank you very much for your good questions.


— answered by Shamballa A-team.
September 25th, 2014
(A. 遺伝子との闘い)
Original entry in Japanese

[Translated and edited by Shire]

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