Flowers of the month (October, 2017)

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you all are having a nice beginning of the month 🙂

A couple of days ago, I went to Shamballa School to set the October’s floral arrangements at the lobby. I have seen (rather felt by my dull sense, hee-hee) many people there to watch us arranging flowers… it was funny that I would not expect to feel such things normally. Well, my sense in Shamballa is getting a little better…? Anyways, people in Shamballa are really nice and friendly in general.


[All images are borrowed from Pinterest and slightly edited.]

So, October is the month of “marigolds.” I really love this pretty cute flower. I almost do not care the language of this flower (I don’t think “jealousy, despair and grief” are right words for this pretty flower!), and I just enjoy the shape and atmosphere.

These orange & yellow marigolds look like a beautiful skirt of the arrangement in this time which are decorating the edge of the vase. Yes, I do use a large orange pumpkin (like Halloween) for this, of course 🙂

Using a tall one creates the arrangement slightly similar shape (slightly triangle) of a Christmas tree, except lots of oranges, yellows and gold colors!

So, marigolds are the skirt, then what would be the blouse, jacket and headdress (laughing)?

Here comes chrysanthemums, apricot roses and dry wheat & barley stems♪

Chrysanthemums are also the birth flowers of the next month, but I still love to use these gorgeous and yet graceful flowers as the body of this arrangement. In this time, I use “Urano red-bronze” and “five alarm red” which are small to mid-size flowers and have beautifully layered petals.

When you add this apricot color roses (I used the pretty tea rose), the arrangement definitely becomes brilliant and make you feel flourished 🙂

Then, for this harvest (festival) type arrangement, these stems are the “must,” yes?

Now, please imagine the combination and style of these flowers at the lobby of Shamballa School… would you be able to see the gorgeous edition of this harvest/Halloween arrangement? It is there waiting for you 🙂

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