Spring has come♪

Hi, this is Shire. Today, I’m not talking about Southern Hemisphere 🙂

Spring has come in Shamballa. I can smell flowers and sweet & warm atmosphere.

mohammad-amiri-239522 There are four seasons in Shamballa like many of us in the physical world are experiencing. As I wrote before, their time length is different from us — 1 year in Shamballa is 4 years in the physical world which was the reason why many world events like Olympics have been held once every 4 years. It sounds almost crazy, doesn’t it? However, if you really see the world carefully, there are so so many things (inventions, art works, technologies, etc.) which are influenced by Shamballa.


Anyways, so if you still have very strong consciousness in the physical world and yet accessing Shamballa, each season keeps going about a year or so. I really enjoy each season, and I prefer the time feeling in Shamballa although it becomes just as normal as you get accustomed to stay there (in that case, I just can’t deal with the fastness in the physical world anymore, hee-hee).


I hope to take a great nap time at a nice place outside pretty soon! If you try to imagine your favorite Spring visions, you may end up accessing Shamballa 🙂

See you there♪

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