Time to sing “Amazing Grace”

Hi, this is Shire♪ I hope you all are focusing on what you really enjoy doing 🙂

As I mentioned before (plus I am sure many of you already know so well), singing does have a great power to convey and share many people’s feelings and desires.

A group of people has been singing “Amazing Grace” in this year, 2017 in order to operate the dimension to raise all our consciousness and frequencies. On the day of singing, we normally do it twice (10am & 10pm JST, 1am & 1pm GMT, 9pm & 9am EST) at anywhere you would love to be. You can be staying in your bed while humming the melody too.

We have seen many interesting phenomenon after the event such as rainbows, glowing clouds, thunders, etc., which are all signs of moving dimensions.

There is another event coming up on the 9th♪

September 9th, 2017 10:00 & 22:00 (JST), 01:00 & 13:00 (GMT), 21:00 (8th) & 09:00 (EST)

10:00 (22:00) – Amazing Grace : We do sing along with this YouTube video (please skip the CM in the beginning).

10:03 (22:03) – Express words of appreciation to the earth 3 times :

Thank you very much for protecting us.
We are so thankful to be born on Earth.
Let’s grow together.

Please imagine you are holding the Earth like a small, precious ball and it is shinning really beautifully….. what do you see? what kind of color do you notice? Do you feel warmness?

Yes, you don’t have to go any particular place to do this. You can be at the place wherever you are… and just sing/hum “Amazing Grace” with all of us.

You may feel 1000+ people all over the world singing together with you at the moment. You may be surprised how your body will react then.

I will be singing in both Shamballa and the physical world. Let’s all sing together on the 9th♪

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