Flowers of the month (September, 2017)

Hi, this is Shire♪ I hope you are having the exciting weekend 🙂 Me? well, I am excited to sleep in first (both in Shamballa and the physical world), and I will do more translation… work, hee-hee. “Work” sounds like a burden, but I actually enjoy stretching my brain to find some cool expressions!

Anyways, it is September in this world. It’s the time to present my monthly flower arrangements at Shamballa School.


[All images/photos are searched from Pinterest with a slight editing]

The flower of September in both UK and US is “Aster” which has several variations. I used a China Aster (red) last year which I really enjoyed the cute shape and yet really determined atmosphere. I thought it would be a perfect flower for the beginning of school year.

In this time, I use the white aster called “white ladies” which has more delicate layered petals which create the atmosphere of daintiness. It is the word of this flower anyways.

I wanted to make clear contrast to the previous arrangement in August (it was pretty vivid & passionate colors – red & purple) as well as to create more “flesh & clean” atmosphere for the new school year.

Besides white aster as the main flower of this arrangement, I add another kind called “lady in blue” which has color variations from bluish ones to more purple flowers. I think it also happens based on the light angles, but it does really look like a nice color variation of blue to purple.

Here is an example of the combination of white & purple/bluish asters.


Now, one my favorite flowers of this season, cosmos is appeared♪ Yes, another white flower I use for this arrangement. Cosmos is more commonly seen as pink, but white ones are equally pretty.

Now, you can see the image of cosmos with asters.


The flower vase I do use is the one you often see at wedding receptions which is a tall & large glass (about 80cm = 2’6″). As you see on the image, I use a special sponge to settle the flowers. The sponge is really flexible & changeable the shape & softness so that even the thin stems like cosmos can be used which I have ordered in Shamballa (it is not available in this physical world, of course, lol).

As for the actual display, it is actually a quite large scale which I create the castle-like shape with cosmos at first and asters do fill between. The castle-shape means that the center is the tallest like the steeple (which the cosmos is featured), and the side has 2 or more different heights which almost look like pinnacles of the castle. The whole thing still look like a kind of open fan.

I cannot show you the exact image, but here is examples of the large-scale asters. Yes, aster supposes to be “cute & simple” but it can be this much gorgeous and splendid!!

I hope you will visit Shamballa School (an imaginary school) to look and smell the flowers 🙂

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