Hi, this is Shire. How was your weekend? I am having a quiet night and drinking a fresh cranberry juice in Shamballa. What? did you just say it is strange to have such a “morning-type” drink at night? Well, I really wanted to have something making me feel refreshing in order to get relaxed. You sometimes drink a fresh orange juice in the middle of night, yes?

I have been working on ideas for the flower arrangements in September with my floral adviser/arranger for a while (It will be coming up pretty soon!). It finally got all together and organized so that I would love to have a refreshment in middle of the night.

It is pretty quiet and relaxing, not too cold and not too warm either.


I have talked many things consciously and subconsciously in Shamballa which sometimes get recalled in my brain and refresh my memory. Without such process, the information almost get vanished in the void of my brain universe/black-hole. The process I call “realization” is the only way for me to bring the information into me as my own thing which I can explain and express mostly using human words/vocabularies.

There are still many things/phenomenon inexpressive, rather indescribable via language. Some channellers have been telling me “You already know it” “You understand it” which I do “understand” indescribable way, but yet it does not have the proper expression. I think it is my consciousness (of physical body) which cannot digest the information properly so that I have not been able to reach the state of “realization.”

Until you “realize” it, all useful information around the world never exist even they are seen & heard by your physical body parts.

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