Afternoon tea

Hi, this is Shire. I hope your weekend is very beautiful and relaxing!

I had a nice afternoon tea today in Shamballa. I have been staying the place outside of the central area where has a beautiful garden and nice rooms. The tea time happened at a kind of sun room there.

[All photos are searched via Pinterest]

The actual room was way bigger than the image above, but the atmosphere was pretty similar. It was a little cloudy day (that what I felt), but I could still feel nice & warm light through the big windows.

When I entered the room, everything was already prepared and a few guys started serving tea for me and my sub-advisor. My main advisor has been away for a while (he has another job) so that my sub-guy has been supporting me. He is definitely a funny guy 🙂 Well, he reminds me of my old musician friend (in the physical world) who really likes many jokes and good at light talks. He is really a sweet and honest person too which also reminds me of my friend.

Tea time is one of my favorite in Shamballa. I can talk a little more relaxing stuff and the conversation usually goes more interesting. I still need a lot of energy to make a detailed conversation there, but the tea time definitely helps a lot.

Oh, how I can judge the conversation is “realistic” or “delusion”? Well, if you remember it well and you can recall it even better, then the conversation is “real.” I actually do forget a lot of things I have talked there, but I usually remember the point = key words which I can recall the conversation easier. In these days, I do not even care whether or not the scene was real. Instead, I do love to recall the fun words, good advise, beautiful phrases, and so on.

They make my both worlds more exciting and meaningful.

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