ELB : Psychics

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a nice time.

I am having a fun, exciting yet a little tough time currently in Shamballa. I think the feeling/sensation of “nice” gets really outlined when a little contrary element is added 🙂 It is like a secret seasoning to make a dish even more tasty, isn’t it?

So, finally, the first subject of Enjoy Life Basic seminar has been completed!!


This ELB consists of 4 subjects & 8 sessions (each subject has 2 parts) which are all regarding to the Spiritual ideas, thoughts and more of common senses in Shamballa. How do they think and treat psychics? What do they think of ghosts? Is there any way to avoid negative, vengeful spirits? We can find out all such issues by really easy & useful explanation and detailed examples.

ELB live session happens almost once a month at Slack in Japanese so that I do translate the entire session into English for you, my dear friends♪

ELB-1:Psychics, part 1 

ELB-1:Psychics, part 2

You will be able to open your mind even a little more.

Oh, I could not see “Prana” at all until I took ELB-1. It was just unbelievable to me when I saw sky-full of them. Since then, I “practiced” to see it everyday and I now see it pretty easily and am able to see something else as well 🙂 Yeah, I can now say “anyone can see, hear and feel such things.”

That is my tiny miracle from the seminar♡

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