Children ♪

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are doing great and relaxing 🙂

I have been busy translating the latest ELB (Enjoy Life Basic) seminar “ELB-2 : Psychics, part 2” which is almost, almost done (yay). It is pretty interesting, but it’s probably not so “new” to you which is something you already know but have been forgotten for a while… type of things. If you are curious to find out, please check out ELB-1 : Psychics, part1. You may recall some of your senses you used to activate and used a lot♡

Anyways, I really love children. Well, it is actually a little strange to say because myself in the physical world do not have any child and I am not interested in them almost at all. I sometimes feel even bothered by them (sweating)… oh, well, that’s not right. I still like them a lot here in the physical world, but I just do not like how they are raised by the certain parents who are not open to different possibilities and do not recognize their child as an independent grown soul. Well, I am not going to go any further with this 🙂


The other day, I happened to visit a place like a nursery school in Shamballa where I have met children from the age around 3 to 5 or 6. The place was located within a castle, and their parents seemed to work there (there are several office locations in the castle, I guess).

I could tell they were so adorable even though my eye sight & hearing were so poor.  What I have noticed the big difference from the children in the physical world is that they are really intelligent. Yes, it does not matter how old they are. They are cute children, but the eyes definitely have the light of adult intelligence.

People in Shamballa are born with the memories of past lives (not really clear, but definitely remember who they were before) so that they have pretty much the same feeling as adult even they are 3-years old.

The child whose former life was a mathematician often writes better equations on the board than his/her teacher (laughing).

However, it has been several hundred years since the child used to live so that the math has definitely been progressed which can be a good reason for him/her to still go to school (to learn the new numerical formulas & equations) like “Ohhhhh, I see….” which they are not cute at all!!

Around 5 yrs old using PC (type of machine in Shamballa) with resting elbows on the desk does not look… adorable.


— from Shamballa staff  (Original blog post in Japanese)

Well, I (in the physical world) was a child like that which had the adult mentality. That was really unfortunate thing since almost everyone in this world treat children as “a person lack of knowledge and intelligence.” I tried to be against that a couple of times as a young child, and I gave up because of my parents being so dominant and there was no way to even say a word against their ideas.

Anyways, children in Shamballa are really cute. They seem to be pretty confident who they are and are definitely treated as “precious, really necessary people”… not like someone’s unintelligent possessions. They are very honest and straight. I wish I were one of them.

Recently discovered that I used to live in Shamballa as a child (astral body) way longtime ago which my current physical body never existed at that time. I would love to recall the memories and put them together hopefully in this physical lifetime 🙂

Anyways, all children are pretty adorable and they are the little people who have really independent souls.

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