Definition of Ascension

[☆This post was originally appeared in August, 2014 which was pre-Ascension date. According to Shamballa, the Ascension of this planet Earth has been completed in the individual level by the end of 2015 while the level of entire human-being has been going on since 2016.]

What is your definition of “Ascension” in Shamballa?

It is a dimensional movement.
It is also called a high frequency dimensional movement.

It means definitionally that a macro change per group and planet.  

Does the “shift” which supposes to reach the critical point within a year or two in Japan mean that there are many people start waking up from the capsules?


It is not such an overstated event.
The change will happen all together so that most people even have nothing to notice/realize.

You probably used the word “capsules” which came from the image of the movie “Matrix,” but the capsule actually suggests that everyone realizes it at once.

Moreover, would that be possible to get out of the capsules of kingdom when so-called “Kundalini awakening” ever be occurred? Or, do our astral bodies would still keep sleeping in the capsules despite of “Kundalini awakening” which only completes cleaning the pipes of our physical bodies?

Nothing happens by Kundalini awakening.
Yes, it does clean your pipes. More people who have clogged pipes feel stronger the sense of freedom (when it gets cleaned) so that they may think it is the awakening.
However, they never realize the problem actually was the clogged pipes.

There are also people who go back to sleep again.

Supporting question

Thank you very much for answering my questions.
I guess my questions were too ambiguous for you to answer (sweating).

★ I totally understand that the Ascension does rise the frequency of dimension. But my questions actually is that I would like to find out what kind of changes suppose to happen to those people who “completed Ascension” from the past. I would like to know how you define such people in Shamballa.

The books regarding Ascension pre-2012 had a full of dreams & fantasies such as our physical bodies all move to the fifth dimension and become able to appear on the physical world whenever we like, we can become any (young) ages as we prefer, people who complete the Ascension suddenly disappear, and so on.

If the truth of Ascension is just the level of  “No one notices because the whole group moves all together at once,” does Ascension bring nothing special like we all obtain supernatural abilities while there may be a little more people who experience the awakening (In fact, there seem to have many such people in Japan as far as I look at the Internet)?

I am sorry to bother you…

Thank you very much for your interesting question.
(laughing) In that case, I bet you must be really surprised by my previous answers.

Anyways, hmmm, such things were written in the books.
Ascension does happen to e—-vryone including those people ran the riot in the US (regarding the shooting of Michael Brown in August, 2014) and drunken guys in New York.

You better not to expect anything like awakening.
But, some people who get on the wave may be able to do the 1 2/3-feet (50 cm) level of teleportation… (better WALK!)

The definition of the Ascension is a high frequency dimensional movement as I said previously, so you can do whatever you like/ any of your wish can come true if your frequency matches.

The dimension can become the way as you wish.
Please come to the place.

Thank you very much for your great question.


— answered by Shamballa B-team.
August 27th, 2014
(B. アセンションの定義)
Original entry in Japanese

[Translated and edited by Shire]

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