Fusion and Harmony

Hi, this is Shire. Hopefully you all are having a fun week ♪ Not fun yet? I usually do something really makes me be absorbed… cleaning a bathroom, LOL! Why? because that is the best time (somehow) for me to access Shamballa, hahaha. My bathroom gets really clean and I enjoy in Shamballa. It’s all good 🙂

Anyways, I just had an aura reading session last night (in the physical world, of course). This aura reading was the first door for me to check out the world of spirituality about 10 years ago. I was just curious to see how each aura color really would suggest my condition, past lives and even suggestions for my future path. Since then, I became really interested in the “energy” and different bodies and consciousness, and now, I live in different worlds and lives at the same time.


The aura reading I have taken is to check out the colors of each layer of 7 (which I assume they are corresponding to the 7 chakras). Each layer contains a few colors which represent your current condition (of the theme of layer suggested) and sometimes you can find out unique visions and past lives influencing your current life (My reader is a former student of this organization in Japan).

I used to take the session once a year to check out my condition at that time; however, from some point of the time, I could totally understand my condition so that I did not feel the necessity anymore. Otherwise, it is very useful to figure out how well you have been proceeding your path. This is the first time since 4 years ago.

The session I took last night was a really interesting one. The reader usually starts reading from the 1st layer and so on, but in my session, there was a strong gold-ish aura energy appeared as soon as the session began. My reader said that was really unusual but cool thing that the one really strong aura represents me such way. She said the energy is what “I” am currently, and that is myself in Shamballa to me because of the meanings of the energy really showing how I am there rather than here (from my point of view).


There were so many things I have already known from her explanation, but it is so nice to hear what I have been feeling by the words of someone else’. Yes, the session is to me, the time for checking the answers. Am I really connecting  to my higher-self? How can I become more conscious in Shamballa? Does my way in both worlds work well? …Even though I know all these answers by myself, I, by my nature love to hear the second opinions just for fun.

Oh, if you really seriously concern and are worried about your life, the aura reading does really help you which clear your eyes and mind so that you can identify your problems and strength.

In my case, I, both in this physical world and Shamballa are totally together as soon as I “decide” to do so.

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