Flowers of the month (August, 2017)

Hi, this is Shire. August 2017 has begun. Hopefully you all are doing great.

I have been busy working with the translation for the special seminar series “Enjoy Life Basic” which is introducing very basic ideas of Spiritual world for regular people in this physical world like us. If you are ever interested in, please check out the page… you may find something opens your eyes & mind at the same time 🙂


Anyways, the flowers of this month have pretty vivid color contrast and appearance. The theme is “Passion and sexy summer contrast of red & purple” which the birth flower of this month, gladiolus is used as a center of the color red. I do not see them as often in this physical world (I see white, yellow, pink, purple ones more often), but there are actually really cool and of course, beautiful.

[Images are searched and borrowed via Pinterest]

Gladiolus is the birth month flower in both UK & US which symbolizes Strength, Moral Integrity, Remembrance and Infatuation. I use a bunch tall ones with not fully bloomed yet (like the image at left) which makes the arrangement look sharp. That also gives a good & clear contrast to the poppies I will introduce next.

Poppy is another birth flower of August in the US which usually blooms in Spring. I use really deep red ones to present more passionate atmosphere. This flower tends to bend quickly because of the really thin stem with the heavy head (flower), but I use much stronger ones (it’s totally possible) in Shamballa so that they become naturally strong to hold the flowers yet still really elastic.

Now, as a summer flower, I use purple Agapanthus. This flower has been one of my favorite summer flowers which I used for the arrangement both in July 2015 & 2016. This is my third time 🙂 In this time, even though this flower has a tall stem, I focus each little flowers per stem. As you see the images below, agapanthus is kinda covered/buried with other flowers which makes look almost like Freesia or Lilac.

So, the color example is below images. You can see the nice contrast of red & purple flowers:

I use a big, round-ish (not too fat), black ceramic vase for this arrangement. It really makes the whole arrangement tighten up and look sharp! Again, this is for the school lobby which you can refer to a large display flowers at hotels, museums. concert hall, etc.

At last, here is some example of the arrangement. I only picked red examples, but the actual arrangement has even clearer red contrast as well. The gladiolus flowers suppose to be more vermilion while the poppies have really deep red flowers.

Would you be able to imagine it well? Yes, you are now standing in front of the flower at the lobby of Shamballa School. You may even be able to smell it (which I actually do smell the flowers as I am typing this sentence now) ♪

Enjoy your imagination 🙂

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