Time for Sweets☆

Hi, this is Shire. I just realized that I have written several sweets stories here. It is really funny since I, in the physical world do not have them as much (except some muffins in the morning). In fact, people may think I am even against them… I haven’t had any cake, ice cream, pies and tarts for more than a few months.

Meanwhile in Shamballa, I do have them on a daily basis. I even bake some cakes, cookies and pies occasionally.


As I mentioned at some previous sweets posts, my sense of taste is definitely sharper in Shamballa especially when I have sweets. It’s almost too tasty so that even my physical body gets some reactions like trembling by the amazement. I actually need an extra focus to get that much physical sensation, but still it’s just more than enough pleasure to have such a luxurious moment.

If I eat & drink at the cafeteria of Shamballa School when I access there consciously, what kind of effect can I (=my physical body) get?

For example, if a professional skier watches a video of the downhill skiing, his brain immediately sends the same electric signals as he supposes to do it. This is a similar case to it that eating some foods in Shamballa especially delicious foods make your physical brain reacts the same way as you (physical body) actually eat them. It means that your physical body experience the sensation of taste, chewing and tongue reactions. Of course your brain will be revitalized. Then, do you think this brain signal is false? No. Even though your physical body is not actually eating, from your brain to your Astral body is the condition of “eating.” It does not nourish your physical body though.

— from New Beth’s blog “Healing: Breathing and Foods in Shamballa” (Original post in Japanese)

This is the reason why I really do not need to have them in the physical world. I prefer amazingly tasty sweets in Shamballa I never need to worry about getting fat 🙂


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