Flowers of the month (July, 2017)

Hi, this is Shire. Well, it has been already a week since the month started! I should introduce the flower arrangement of this month at Shamballa School… before it gets too late 🙂

I usually come up with the idea for monthly flowers based on the Birth flowers (by Wikipedia). That is the theme I came up for the year 2017. I introduce the main birth flowers of the UK and US plus some main (popular, famous, seasonal) flowers in Japan.


Then, I talk with one of my friends in Shamballa who is a flower arranger. She usually prepares all those flowers I have requested as well as give me a great advice. Since my eyes don’t work well yet (in other words, my physical brain does not have the proper function to process the information of Astral world yet), she helps me to arrange the flowers as I desire to do so.

[Images are searched and borrowed via Pinterest]

Anyways, the main flower of this month is delphinium, aka larkspur.

Yes, this delphinium is not the usual “white” “blue” and/or “purple” type color. I picked the particular kind called “coral sunset” which has the salmon/coral pink feature. This month since I wanted to make the clear contrast to the previous month which had the “June bride” themed white rose gradation + white hydrangeas, I try to create a summer-ish bright atmosphere. The coral/salmon pink delphinium will support the brightness as well as the cuteness & somewhat tenderness too.

And, here is another center piece, I use the (most common?) summer flower: sunflowers.

In this time, as you see, the size of sunflower is not too big yet the flower definitely gives us the pretty clear accent.

I also use dahlias which is this particular orange color “Rancho” to add even more yellow-orange color variations. Dahlia is one of the flowers starts blooming in July so that I also pick this as a part of “July flowers.”

OK, so, here is some display examples of the color/style in this particular arrangement:

Both images are showing the yellow-orange color balance as well as the sunflower-dahlia size balance. As you can imagine, my arrangement will be even more flowery with the delphiniums.

In this time, I use the flower vase which is similar to this image:


It gives you the feeling of a nice countryside summer vacation, yes? I enjoy the contrast between the brightness of flowers and the a little rustic simple vase. Yes, the vase and the arrangement should be pretty big enough like display flowers at a hotel lobby.

That’s the arrangement for this month. I hope you will enjoy your vacation time 🙂

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