Relationship with me

Hi, this is Shire♪ I hope you are doing well. It is nice to see many different flowers blooming in these days 🙂

Anyways, how do you identify yourself as who you are? “Oh, it’s easy when I wake up in the morning, I know I am here with this same body as yesterday. I am who I have been!”…. well, that may be what most people might think & feel.

I was in the same way for a while until one day, I started doubting my existence while I was sleeping. I realized I could not prove whether I was surely in the bed or not. Well, I guess my physical body “was there,” but how about my consciousness? my feelings? my spirit & soul??

Now, I know I exist in Shamballa where most of us usually go after the death. I have the different look and personality there which is a reflection of my former life. Yes, it is definitely a “different person” but that is also “myself” which my own consciousness & subconsciousness rule.

The person you think yourself in the physical world is just a part of you. You are actually layered with several bodies with several former lives and personalities/characters.


My character, tendency and attitude (even the way I speak) have been gradually changing as I, both in the physical world and Shamballa have been influencing each other. It has become really obvious that my old friends and relatives (in the physical world) have been telling me some compliments which I have never heard before… yes, that sounded almost exactly like myself in Shamballa!

It is not changing anything actually since both are myself. Yes, personality & look does not really determine who YOU ARE.

Now, I have been really enjoying to see “different me” through my a little unusual life style. As I said, my look, personality and attitude can be totally different and even opposite in some cases. Then, through all those “filters”, I start seeing & feeling the entity which has one concrete idea (or intention, may be)….

How deep and interesting the world/universe of my own self! My relationship with me gets more exciting and adventurous from now on 🙂

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