What is the sense after death?

Hello, thank you very much for this opportunity.
If this is a previously covered question, I am sorry to repeat it (¨;)

People subconsciously understand which position they are currently taking by their brain receives the information via nerve impulses coming from the receptor which people sense the body movements and positions such as vending arms and legs even with closing the eyes. However, the neuron which supposes to transmit the information to every part of a body is pretty short and undeveloped yet during childhood.

It develops by various experiences and stimulation and eventually grows as senses like a proprioceptive sensation.

In Shamballa which is the world we can only reach with undressing our physical bodies, how does the sense ever transmit?

I was wondering about this when I ate and drunk as well as I touched something in Shamballa.

I imagined the brain might be just a relay point so that our sense by the physical body was not actually received by the brain…?

Please do answer my question.

We have no objection medically.

Both physical body and astral body have the functions like digestion, physical movement and sensation.

Of course all babies born here (in Shamballa) are pretty similar to the babies and their growth in the physical world of Earth you know of.

If I dare to mention a difference, they (babies in Shamballa) are mostly removed from the mothers’ body during pregnancy and spend rest of the time in a tank of amniotic fluid until the birth.

That makes them start walking much earlier.

The neural transmission paths/routes are the same except we do have the telepathic neural paths.

Of course we do have the brain (as an organ).

You probably understand this as its own way as you do your self-analysis for anything you do deal with.

Thank you very much for your question.

— answered by Shamballa military staff.
May 15th, 2016
(来世: 死後の感覚とは?)
Original entry in Japanese

[Translated and edited by Shire]

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