Meeting in real…

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are doing great and enjoying sunlight!

As you have noticed (by me not updating this blog so often), I have been pretty busy (I really hate to say this word “busy”!) working with different stuff both in Shamballa and the physical world. Both worlds are connected and linked in me so that they are affecting both of us equally & effectively.

You may think I have been seeing delusions, right? I (in the physical world) thought so too 🙂 But who can actually prove “this (physical world) is the only reality”?

Currently, advisers for the double-life participants in Shamballa have the mission which they visit his/her students in this physical world. Yes, those people like myself who live in the physical world and try to access Shamballa actually meet their advisers (who can usually only meet in Shamballa) here in the physical world! I have already heard so many reports from the participants that they really “met” Shamballa guys at the places like a train station, supermarket, concert, airport, cafe, street in this dimension.

Most participants are as ordinary people as you know of which they usually do not trust almost anything they experience in Shamballa (They just think of them as fantasies & imaginations). However, they now start doubting their realities since they actually meet the person who supposes to exist only in their delusion!

Yes, I have met my Shamballa people in the physical world as well…. they just looked like ordinary human beings on Earth, but they knew who I am in both worlds.

What is the reality? You may like to start wondering what you have been really seeing and hearing. You should realize one truth that we NEVER be able to see & hear the same thing (= we do not have exact same eyes and ears).

I think you can choose your reality no matter which world you belong to.

Anyways, it’s time for me to have my lunch in the physical world and a dinner time in Shamballa 🙂

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