Flowers of the month (June, 2017)

Hi, this is Shire. I haven’t updated this blog for a while… well, I have been pretty busy in both physical world & Shamballa. I hope this June will be (a little) easier than the last month 🙂

OK, here is the monthly flower arrangement at Shamballa School ♪


This month, known as “June Bride” is the Rose month for birth flower in both UK & US. I would love to apply the theme into my flower arrangement in this time.

[All images are borrowed from Pinterest]

OK, Rose… I express the “white gradation” with a few different white roses such as pure white tea roses, ivory & creme roses:

The top three (3) roses are more pure white and the bottom three (3) roses are ivory & creme roses. In this time, I make a dome style, large arrangement whose color gradation is ivory/creme (bottom) to pure white (top). Would you be able to imagine it?

At the bottom, I add one of my favorite flowers in this season: white hydrangeas. It adds even more gorgeousness to the arrangement.

The display image (left) is for your reference which you can compare the size of rose & hydrangea and the color balance as well. I make two (2) layers of the hydrangea-ivory rose combination from the bottom.

The dome style arrangement supposes to look like this:


I use a similar (but even more gorgeous) ivory-gold flower vase. As you can imagine, the combo of white hydrangeas & ivory roses decorate the bottom of the arrangement like a skirt of wedding dress, and the white rose gradation makes the look of a June Bride, yes?

Oh, I should not forget this champagne roses! These beautiful, dainty roses (I use more swollen buds) are studded as a pretty accent of this arrangement:

This is one of my favorite arrangements! I really love the smell of these roses as well… what? this is only an imagination so that you can’t see & smell? If you call your name in your mind LOUDLY, who does listen to the voice? …. same thing 🙂

I hope you will visit Shamballa School to check out my flower arrangement 🙂

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