Double-soul and Angel

Good evening, dear Beth & staff members in Shamballa!
This is my first question ever submitting to you (I’m nervous)☆

I took a (spiritual) reading session the other day and heard that I am a double (= double-soul). (The channeller said) two higher-selves appeared in two different dimensions.

I have read several past entries of your blog about the double-soul so that it could make sense if I was one of them since I had troubles with many contradictions inside of myself for a long time.

Besides that, one of the clairvoyants told me that I have wings on my back and my spiritual body is actually an angel which involves different activities while I sleep during nighttime (I have an energy sword as well).

Being a double-soul which is almost same as a person with dual personality in the daytime and being a busy angel in the nighttime, I am just a normal human-being who does not have any psychic ability whatsoever. Do you think it is possible to be such a human?

I have found out in this blog that some cases of double-soul (or multiple-soul) contain the souls from Universe, so I assumed a soul of angel which is also an universal entity could happen. I am sorry if I repeated some previous questions m(_ _)m

Thank you very much for your time♪

The mural in Medieval time which people call “Angels” have wings. However, they (wings) are actually a jet instrument, and many legends people encounter angels say “(When they appeared) it made a roaring sound” which is really an honest description.

Later, after the WWII, angels have suddenly become good-looking men with nice hair-do and wings. It is said because you guys can faint and possibly die with shock by looking at ETs when they try to abduct. There are some really ugly looking ETs which you would be totally scared if they come close to you when you are tied your body on a bed.

To avoid such accidents, it began with adjusting your eyesight to make them look like a handsome man, then it has become a beautiful woman for a male Earth person and a handsome man for a female Earth person which they (ETs) did not intend to hurt Earth people so that they did not prefer them to act violently.

Then, it has become a rumor among ETs which Earth people can be defenseless when they see entities with wings even a little macho figure. I believe many of them still keep the image.

So, what is the wing on your back?

In fact, the backside of heart-chakra is the place to absorb Purana, but it runs as a discharging function when the chakra is not doing well. It is said to remove the clogging.

I think that is what has seen on your back.
Don’t you feel heavy?

In other words, you have an engine trouble with the smoke coming out (from your back).

It will be cured naturally, so please take care of yourself day by day.

I summarize the answer that there is no Angel soul.

If you see Angels which actually mean ETs, it is a fixed image by a channeler if they have wings, and it is a breakdown if you are told that you have wings on your back.

Thank you very much for your good question.

— answered by Shamballa A-team.
October 10th, 2014
(A. ダブルと天使と)
Original entry in Japanese

[Translated and edited by Shire]

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