Flowers of the month (May, 2017)

Hi, this is Shire. Hopefully you are having the Monday as a fun day 🙂 (I am trying as well)

So, it is May! and it’s time for the flower arrangements at Shamballa School ♪


Birth flower of this month in both UK and US is “Lilly of the Valley.” I would love to use the flower as the main piece in this time.

I pick a bundle of little bigger & white flowers and make them look like a field of lily of the valley.

The center of the field, I use white Delphiniums (aurora-delphinium) which are about 2 feet high. Since lily of the valley supposes to be about less than a foot, the delphinium seems to be eye-catching one… but as the nature of flower, it stands pretty gently to support the main flower of this month.

The image borrowed from this page.

Along with Delphiniums, I use Carnations & Baby’s Breath which also start blooming in May and especially carnation is the main flower in Japan for Mother’s Day 🙂

I spent some time to choose the particular pink (the center image) for this arrangement to make it really sweet. This is the only colored flower in this time.

The display is a little similar to the image below (from Pinterest) except the top half should be a combination of delphiniums & carnation/baby’s breath:


Again, you can imagine this as a large scale piece of floral arrangements at the lobby of Shamballa School. If you go there (when you imagine, you will be there), you will see and feel the sweetness of these flowers.

OK, it’s time for me to go to bed (in Shamballa)…. have a great evening and sweetest dreams!

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