Earth in the Universe

Q. Although I have never seen (our planet) Earth from the Universe in reality, I have seen the photos taken from there. I think the Earth is a really beautiful planet shining brightly in the color blue. ★ I believe you have seen many places in the Universe. So, do you think it is beautiful the... Continue Reading →

How to access Shamballa

There was thunder in the morning and afternoon today. It reminds me of Arom used to tell me "Thunder occurs easily when a country moves in dimension since the friction causes the electricity." I hope the country goes to a better direction. --- by Beth Q. Hi Beth, I would love to go to Shamballa*\(^o^)/*... Continue Reading →

Translation project begins

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are all doing great! So, this was a part of my plans when I created this blog... yes, the translation project. My experiences being in Shamballa had begun when I found the "Beth's Blog" in 2014. I was just an ordinary blog reader like you and enjoyed reading... Continue Reading →

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