Slowly about dimensions

Thank you very much for your question. It will be answered by the staff members in Shamballa. The explanation may sound a little sluggish to you, but we hope you will understand eventually.

I have seen the word “dimension” in this blog.
We often use this word like “You are in the different dimension,” but I am not really sure what “dimension” is all about.

I am sorry if this is another repetition of the same kind of questions.

Does this mean that I suppose to feel you are in a different world since each of us has different consciousness even though we are in the same Earth?

ex.) The residents in a same apartment all live in the same building, but some resident has a fight while another resident is having fun in a party. The world can be totally different based on how you look at it…?

The term (dimension) explained in Bashar sympathizers suggests what you have mentioned above. However, it is not just the difference by vision but the unique interpretation as “dimension” which I will explain to you slowly.

I know the person who tends to get upset so often used to tell me “I often get involved with a fight against people when I just walk on a street.” Then, I never had such experience whenever I walked on the same street with him.

When I watched him carefully, he seemed to go intentionally towards the person who might pick a fight against him with the atmosphere (aura) he would like to involve a fight.

Does he create the future (of fight) by himself?
Does this actually mean “creating the dimension”?
(This refers to my past question regarding Law of Attraction = Dimensional Operation)

Yes, you can safely understand such way. That is the world you know as “Making a great danger into a small misfortune” which is often said at Shrines (in Japan). Onmyoji (Japanese diviner), Fortune-telling, Feng shui are all parts of dimensional operations.

However, the aura which likes to involve a fight does not relate to this. He enters himself into the future dimension of fight…. that is the correct situation.

People say this is a makeshift world, but am I moving to parallel worlds in the mind world based on my condition (of mind)?

No, you are actually moving with your entire body including your physical body.

“Why am I here?” there are many occasions I feel such way as you’ve mentioned before.

Is there occasion even “the fact” can be changed?

ex.) I failed the exam → dimensional operation → I actually passed the exam

Yes, it happens. It is a special ability, but it is possible to re-write the past. The story like cancer gets suddenly disappeared is a good example.

Here is another question we have just received:


I had an outside work (away from my office) today so that I took JR (Japan Railway) about an hour each way. There was 30 minutes delay on my way there because of an accident, and there was 10 minutes delay on my way back since the emergency stop activated twice.

If there was a sign for me not to go there, I believe it should’ve happened much earlier. However, I saw such incidents after I took train which actually means/suggests:

1.     We entered the dimension of accident since many passengers had low frequencies.

2.  We, passengers all escaped together to the better dimension by operating the timing since it could be even more severe accident if the train left on time.

Which one is right? or am I totally wrong?


1. & 2.both are correct.

Well, the dimension we are talking above is the world of “if.” “If I ever passed the entrance exam of college, what would I be?”… we interpret “if” as an existing reality and influencing each other. It means that we know you who passed the entrance exam as well as did not pass the exam and are here now. We understand both of you.

Let’s imagine a golfball on a green. You know the golf course is not always flat. There are hills, valleys and bunkers. It gets affected by the grain of lawn and wind. You can easily understand that you have to hit the ball harder if the grain of lawn is against you. Also you realize not to hit hard when the ball is on a downhill and the grain of lawn grows in the direction of travel.

If you practice many times, you will get the sense that you can see the line/track of ball. The line/track is the dimension. In fact, there is a nature which we get drawn in the thinner side (downhill) of electric density so that it becomes a “prophecy” when we tell you there is a root of trees on the line/track. This can be related to your aura and/or circulation of your energy (Ki, Qi).

Human, the soul itself actually has a rotation to the left when you see it from above. When you are happy, it rotates faster (to the left), and it rotates to the right when you get irritated. For example, if you walk in front of an utility pole in a really happy mood (left rotation) you may find a wallet, on the other hand, you may fall down and get injured if you get irritated (right rotation). In other words, you enter the dimension to pick up a wallet and/or enter the dimension to fall down.

The phrase at the very fast question “You are in the different dimension” means that the direction is different. The thought vector = the hole for ball  = the direction you want to hit the ball is different. Of course the strokes and the extent are all different when the direction is different. That is why you feel the total difference even the person is next to you.

When Shrines & fortune-telling say “Making a great danger into a small misfortune,” it really suggests that you detect obstacles as early as possible to avoid any accidents or jump over them. If you have an enough power/strength, you may destroy obstacles and keep going the direction without any changes.

Let’s try to move your palm closer to your face. You may feel some unknown energies such as a light pressure (like a touching a soft ball),  a tingling feeling, a warm feeling, etc. That is your aura. Yes, you can touch it. This is a kind of shield when you move dimensions. You can see a shield in the direction of travel when you see a meteorite and/or a high-speed rocket. They are the same as yours (aura). That means you are currently (at this moment) moving dimensions. The reason why the aura of holy people is so shining is because of the energetic moving speed.

The last question is the great example of this phenomena as a group. It (delay) happened because the group moved all together into such a valley instead of being the low frequencies. However, you could avoid the trouble if the dimensional operation worked well. There would be definitely a possibility to make the incident lighter than a severe accident. Or, we can look at this as the person enters the dimension of a lighter accident.

How do these answers sound to you?

— answered by Shamballa B-team.
May 2nd, 2014
Original entry in Japanese

[Translated and edited by Shire]

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