Sweets needed ♪

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you enjoy your Spring/Autumn/Tropical/Winter like weather on Earth 🙂 It’s amazing to think such variety of worlds exist on this small planet. I hope many of us always feel the beauty and love this place…

So, I have been working on the translation project. I hope you all enjoy reading some of them which might not be new to you or might be some ridiculous & delusional stories. That’s all fine. People live the place where they believe what it looks like. Yes, you decide how this world looks like. It is all about your perception which makes even “the reality” changes.


Anyways, my reality in Shamballa is all about sweets now! I need to have a nice sweets dish now~~! Why do I need it? Hmmmm, well, I had 2 sessions last night and this morning with 2 different teachers.

I was taking a speaking lesson with a teacher who speaks perfect Queen’s English. Well, well, I am sorry for my rough American English, lol! In my physical world, I am not able to speak English with British accent at all, but I was doing much better in Shamballa which made me feel a little strange.

This lesson was happening while my physical body was sleeping, but I was hearing really interesting speech which I was trying to say with the accents, funny. You can speak/hear your mother tongue (or just telepathic conversation) in Shamballa, but the official language in these days there is “English” (used to be German).

Anyways, after the speaking lesson, I went to Shamballa School to take a private class with one of my favorite teachers. It was basically a course of different contents regarding human psychology and sociology. I really enjoy comparing the way people think & react things in Shmaballa & the physical world. I usually take this class while my physical body takes a morning shower, has a breakfast and prepares to go to work.

Yes, my brain is really busy. Now, my physical body is at work and doing what normal people suppose to do: work. Yes, my brain continues working no matter what my physical body and astral body are doing.

So, I need sweets, NOW!!

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