Shallow-layer Astral body and the special district; Offering sense/feeling energies

[This is an old information which was applied pre-Ascension time – until the end of 2015. The special district no longer exists either. But the question & answer seem pretty interesting for you to check out…. by Shire]

I hope I can still be in time for the beginners’ week…(。_。*) Thank you very much for this opportunityヾ(*・ω・*)o

I can easily connect to the incorporeal world and see really clear visions when I have a doze in the morning.

I have got the situation today again so that I tried to access Shamballa, so I was in a bakery and looking at breads & pastries before I even noticed where I was. Then I casually tried to look up a mirror in there, the reflection was myself in the physical world with different colored eyes.

Q. Does this mean I let my shallow-layer astral body fly to some other astral world and watch what is going on there?

In your book, I have seen the phrase “When you imagine the entrance door of your house, your astral body immediately flys/reaches there.” Does this “flying astral body” mean the shallow-layer astral body? (Wait a minute, my shallow-layer astral body supposes to be stuck with my physical body unless I do an astral projection, yes?) (。_。;)I am asking this question since “the astral body” in the book does not really tell us which layer (shallow or deep)…

The body you are letting fly is the Ether body which has no connection whatsoever with Shamballa.

Q. The reason why I would like to figure this out is because I believe other students who can see Shamballa actually see it with the vision from their deep-layer astral bodies.

But, is there anyone who looks at the special district via a shallow-astral body which he/she lets fly without noticing?

What looks at the special district is the shallow-layer astral body. However, the phrase “letting fly” is not a correct expression.

Q. My figure was not the white girl (which supposes to be how I look in Shamballa) so that I believe that place (bakery, etc.) was not a part of the special district, but I was not really sure.

Let’s say, is it possible to see my “2nd myself” which has both shallow & deep-layer bodies when I access the special district in Shamballa with my shallow-layer body?

Or, if I try to access the special district with my shallow-layer astral body, does my body become the deep-layer astral body so that myself only exists only “one body” (per world)?

When I heard the story like “Real myself (in the physical world) and myself in Shamballa had a fight,” I thought it might be possible to exist both shallow & deep layer astral bodies in the special district. (I am sorry if this is totally my misunderstanding.)

As we revealed in the blog before, your body (figure) is the body of your former life.

We intentionally chose the body.

There are many reasons (why we did it), but the most important thing of all is for each soul to be able to move around easily.

Some people become really frisky so that their restraints can be all gone because of it.

Now, the reason why the former body gets separated by the shallow & deep layers is because the person has the mind which he/she cannot forgive himself/herself.

Disliking the body of former life.

Or, they simply cannot accept it.

That’s why it is possible.

Q. There is the following sentence in your book:

The Earth which once becomes independent from Venus no longer need to give/sacrifice our energies. We can all use our sense/feeling energies only for ourselves to be happy!

This has been my question since I read the book at my first time.

Let’s say, someone tries to work on The Law of Attraction in order to fulfill his desires. He imagines really hard the successful future and simulates the feeling of happiness like “Yeah! my dream comes true!! I’m so happy!ヽ(*´д`*)ノ” which means he releases the sense/feeling energy to the Universe.

Did Venus take up some portion of such “happiness attraction energy” which one individual tried to use just for himself (so that the actual fulfillment became delayed) before the Earth became independent?

Yes, indeed.

Q. If that was true, I tried to think this as a positive way… for example, if someone was releasing the negative sense/feeling energy such as pain, hatred, suffering, depressing to Universe, did it return back to him actually less than what supposed to be since the extra terrestrial took & ate them?

It could happen. The shrines which allow people to have a feeling of hatred are such places.

Q. So, after the independent, our wish can come true much easily… means the negative emotions can also return back easily… yes?

This can be a stupid question rather than a beginner’s…. (。_。;)I’m sorry.

I am not sure this (question) even fits to the theme for this week, please take a look at it.(><;)

Yes, you are totally correct.

Thank you very much for your questions.

from Questions by beginners week 4
October 25th, 2015
(初心者用: 浅層アストラル体と特別区、念エネルギーの上納に関して)
Original entry in Japanese

[Translated and edited by Shire]

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