People who become a part of the planet (after death)

I have a question about “Star/Planet” in this time.
Our ancestors had said people become a star/planet after the death.

Please explain the relation between humans and stars/planets as well as Astral & Mental bodies and stars/planets which should be pretty easy for us to understand.

First of all, let’s review our knowledge in Shamballa.
This (knowledge) only applies to Shamballa.

You guys live in the electric world called “Human Society (physical world).”
At least, that is the center for your everyday life.

Next, you often use the term “Astral world” where the two (2) layers exist: shallow-layer and deep-layer, all right? The shallow-layer belongs to your consciousness, and this is the electric world we refer to “your voice of mind.”

Then, the deep-layer suggests your depth psychology especially your anguished (kind a depressed) emotion usually comes from this area.

Finally, Mental world is the world of knowledge which is totally different from the previous worlds and you can perceive there by the study with lots of focus, interests and curiosities.

We also told you that Gaia exists in the bottom (of the Mental world) with sleeping and we are all connected to her.

Now, what does suppose to be happening when you die?

When your physical body dies, the portion of shallow-layer electricity which previously (= when you were still alive) affects your physical body is used to utilize the ethereal body = ghost. However it also becomes perished.

It usually takes about 50 days (* In Japan, it’s commonly known as “49-day period” — by Shire)

Then, your deep-astral body slowly decays which some people express at this stage as “crossing the River Styx” and/or “seeing the field of flowers.”

At last, your Mental body in Mental electric world which is called a “spiritual body” eventually becomes connected to Gaia.

Some people say this is the stage where humans are connecting to the star/planet. In other words, all the energy at your feet now is ancestors’ souls.

The system of reincarnation is the process once you assimilate an aggregate of ancestors’ souls to wear the physical body again.

Even though we call it “assimilation,” you become only a grain of souls in this stage so that you can of course become an individual human when you are born again.

Another thing we can say regarding a connection to the star/planet is that there is a true assimilation which the energy body – a hydrogen gas enzyme I talked to you before becomes added (to the star/planet) while you reincarnate to other planets.

That energy body exists at the place even deeper than the Mental world in Earth.

Reincarnating so so many times and eventually assimilates each other so that you no longer become yourself but the star/planet itself — there is such an assimilation.

Therefore, there are various ethnic & racial group of people who originally came from a really far cluster of stars exist like a liquid at your feet.

You can enjoy your life because you have the physical body. The joy you can feel is because you meet people and touch & connect them.

That is why the thing called “the God” sometimes makes advances to you to acquire your physical body. You are currently in such a fortunate situation.

So, please do not make the great opportunity into a killing each other as you happen to meet someone at war.

Thank you very much for your good question.

— answered by Shamballa B-team.
July 31st, 2014
(B. 星になる人々)
Original entry in Japanese

[Translated and edited by Shire]

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