Is there body per dimension?

Hello, I would like to confirm an information regarding dimension.

Q1.Currently, a physical body belongs to the 4.5th dimension, Shamballa in the shallow-layered Astral (world) belongs to the 5.5th dimension, Shamballa in the deep-layered Astral (world) belongs to the 6th dimension, a Mental body belongs to the 7th dimension and a Causal body belongs to the 8th dimension. Is that right?

A.  Yes, if they ever exist.

Q2.(It depends on the person who has which bodies though,) one soul has a different body per dimension such as a body in the Physical dimension, a body in the shallow-layered Astral dimension, a body in the deep-layered Astral dimension, a body in the Mental dimension and a body in the Causal dimension. Is this a correct understanding?

A. Indeed, yes.

Q3.Moreover, some people have multiple bodies in Physical, Astral and Mental worlds so that their life missions are also multiple ways.

A. ? ? ? That’s NOT correct. Your physical body is the one and only in the physical world as well as your other bodies which means that one body per one world except those of you who have multiple souls.

Q4.Plus, each body has the parallel worlds. There are so many bodies in the 5th dimensions and 6th dimensions…. Is this right?

A. No, your true body is where the Mental body exists so that each line in a parallel world/dimension will eventually disappear even though there are many bodies per dimension.

Thank you very much for your questions.

from Questions by beginners week 9
December 7th, 2016
(初心者用: 次元ごとに体あり?)
Original entry in Japanese

[Translated and edited by Shire]

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